Joomla! Certification Program™



The Joomla! Certification Program has been created to ensure the competence of Joomla! professionals through documented measurement of skills and knowledge. The program aims to establish a certain standard whilst promoting a qualified workforce.

Professional certification can play an important role in the decision of a company or business owner when hiring skilled individuals for specific roles.


Establish a standard


A certification can go a long way towards establishing a standard for what a Joomla professional should know. While a certification isn't a replacement for experience, knowledge and a solid portfolio of work, it can show employers and the Joomla community that this professional is someone who has a high level of knowledge about Joomla. It can also show that this certified individual takes their place in the Joomla! community seriously.

Ensure competence and develop a qualified workforce


As the Joomla! Certification Program grows and strengthens within the community, training and documentation will follow suit. The availability of better and more easily accessible resources will help to ensure that Joomla's workforce continues to improve. While Joomla! currently has a strong set of trainers actively teaching and helping people to learn how to build and maintain websites with Joomla!, a professional certification can unify some of this knowledge and provide a measurable level of competence where needed.

Provide a documented measurement of knowledge


Along with training and documentation, the development of a clear roadmap for study and skill building will be key to showing the IT community what a Joomla Certified professional should know. The skill set of a Joomla! Administrator or Developer will become clearer and more transparent to potential employers and business partners. It will also give Joomla professionals themselves a clear benchmark to see where they stand in their own career development.

Important role in choosing a Joomla! service provider


Building a strong database of qualified professionals will be a key issue for the Joomla Certification Project. This can be an excellent starting point for those seeking out Joomla! Administrators and Developers. We aim to help build trust within the IT community for Joomla! resources and skills, and we aim to support our awesome community the best we can.


Certification Administrator exams is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish.


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